Saltwater to fuel, salt water into flame, saltwater burns!

This amazing discovery can be showcased at this unique .com address.

Hi, thanks for visiting, check out the videos below if you have not heard about how saltwater can burn!  Possibly solving the world's energy crisis. This discovery was first made public around May 29th, 2007 - and hit the internet heavy about June 25th, 2007.  Since then there have been many updates and news reports, see the links below some dated as recently as July, 2008.

Also below are 2 YouTube videos explaining this discovery, these are actual news segments, this coverage is legitimate - see for yourself.  If you have seen the videos and want up-to-date links  having to do with saltwater burning <click here for links>, to go to the bottom of this page.  These other sites have information about the saltwater to fuel discovery, including blogs where you can state your opinion or ask others questions (like I did), on One Mans Blog In 2007 I asked: "So why isnít this story on the national news, 60 minutes, Dateline NBC...?"  Well, as of August 2008, it is! - see these National News Story Links Below.  and click on the 60Minutes link.

In closing this is isn't a cat stuck in a tree, it may be the cure for cancer and the energy crisis all in one!  Please watch the videos, or for a slower connection follow the text  links at the bottom of the page and read up.  To help the inventor John Kanzius finish these potentially earth changing projects - you can contribute here:

Support Cancer Research

Read the articles below and watch these videos to be amazed!

Video links about Saltwater to fuel here:

This video tells about the doctor's discovery but first about his original intention, a cure for cancer.  It explains that his search led him by accident to the incredible discovery that with his special radio frequency he could "light" and "burn" ordinary salt water.  At the end of the clip it shows the flame from the salt water actually powering a small engine.


This video concentrates more on the burning of sea water and the potential for this apparent innovation.  He claims the process can be purchased by business in order to further his true passion, curing cancer.  PAY the man, I say.


This site can be used to distribute information about this topic, anyone having content or an idea and would like to contribute please contact me immediately. My name is Mark, my number is 231-947-4144 - e-mail If you are interested in this name including the following, I am taking offers starting at $6900.00 US for all 3 of these names:

  • this site and all links and content are explanatory of the saltwater to fuel news story reported mostly on the internet right now - not seeing any primetime coverage (that I have seen) It will be impossible to sweep this under the rug - so don't even try big brother!
  • brine, is saltwater, could be the brand-able and or trademark-able .com Domain Name used for describing the business of this new type of energy - it is also a play on words in that "brain power" is what it took to create "brine power"
  • another useful domain in describing what could be America's answer to the world energy crisis!
  • Current national and local news coverage and links: (finally some press!)
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    60 Minutes 04/13/08
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    Invention Awards
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    WSEE TV 05/21/08
    WJET July 08 Testing at
    WICU July 08

    Some topics of discussion news and links:

    Recent News

    Kanzius device to be tested in Erie Region
    Posted 07/25/08
    Steven Curley, M.D., is convinced John Kanzius' external radio-frequency generator will be used to treat cancer in humans.  And some of those first patients will be treated in Erie County.

    Local facility to test Kanzius' cancer-killing radio device
    Posted 7/24/08
    Curley announced Wednesday night that the Regional Cancer Center, 2500 W. 12th St., will host Phase II human trials, if the federal government approves them.

    Discussion & More links

    Digg this - (discuss the topic of saltwater to fuel and a cure for cancer on

    Wikipedia on John Kanzius.  If you would like to help further this exciting research, please contribute today.
    Here's more on John Kanzius at - and this is John's new HOME PAGE.

    Published patent applications as of 16 September 2007:

    Nukeís NEWS & VIEWS Nuke Gingrich?

    One Mans Blog All the Videos, all the text for both the Cancer and Energy sides of this story plus a place to state your questions or opinion in blog.

    Click link for related story on the inventor's possible cancer cure discovery. This is the news story in print about the cure for cancer part of this - which I don't mean to discount at all by focusing on the "power" side - I think both discoveries are equally important and deserving of our attention.

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